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5 Types of Metal Buttons for Your Jackets and Apparel

by | Jul 8, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Metal buttons add a touch of sophistication, durability and visual interest to your clothes and accessories. There are many different types of metal buttons available in various shapes, sizes and finishes to suit your needs. Let’s explore 5 popular categories of metal buttons.

Snap Buttons

Snap buttons are circular metal discs that secure via a spring mechanism. When pressed shut, the prongs on the backside snap into place behind the opposite button hole. These make for an easy and secure fastening. Common varieties include:

• Rivet Snap Buttons: The roundest type with solid metal discs that are riveted on during assembly. Durable and classic.
• 4-Hole Snap Buttons: Similar to rivet snaps but with 4 holes for attaching with thread instead of riveting.
Color Enamel Logo Tack Jeans Button: Feature a colored enameled coating on top and come engraved with letters or logos. Commonly used as brand identifiers.

Round Flat Buttons

These are classic round flat-backed buttons with 2, 4 or 5 holes for sewing onto garments. They come in a wide range of sizes, metals and finishes:

• Coin Buttons: Coins re-purposed into buttons, usually made of brass or copper for a vintage look.
4 Parts Round Fastener Metal Button For Jacket: Made of multiple metal pieces riveted together for strength.
• Poly Metal Buttons: A cost-effective alternative made of metal-based polymer composite.

Embossed Buttons

These buttons have raised or recessed designs imprinted on their surfaces, usually done through stamping or presses:

• Coin Embossed Buttons: Made with relief or intaglio embossing on repurposed antique coins for a vintage look.
• Embossed Logo Metal Buttons: Commonly used as corporate gifts with company logos or monograms embossed for branding.
• Floral Embossed Buttons: Classic metal buttons with lovely floral patterns and ornamentation on their faces.

Jeans Buttons

These large circular buttons come in a range of metals like solid brass, copper, aluminum and metal alloys and are designed specifically for jeans and denim:

• Color Enamel Logo Tack Buttons: Feature bright enamel colors atop dull metal bases and can be customized with names or logos.
Snap Button Engraved Logo Jeans Button: Have a snap back and come pre-engraved for that authentic brand feel.
• Rivet Jeans Buttons: Made with durable metal rivets to withstand the strain of denim. Perfect for fly and waistband closures.

Flat Metal Buttons

Flat metal discs with 2 or 4 holes along the circumference are the simplest type of button. They come in solid brass, stainless steel or aluminum and in a wide range of diameters:

• Basic Flat Metal Buttons: Plain and inexpensive. Great for adding subtle metallic pops to any outfit.
• Colored Flat Buttons: Come in bronze, copper, silver and gold tones to match your ensemble.
• Snap-On Flat Buttons: Have magnetic backs to attach effortlessly to clothing without sewing.