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A button-sized badge is a symbol of fashion too

by | Sep 17, 2023 | Industry News | 0 comments

Badges are the size and appearance of buttons, the difference being that they are attached to clothing or hats through the medium of a pin, which makes them easier to attach to core merchandise, don’t require a needle and thread to be sewn on, and can always be removed to function in a different location.
Although small in comparison to patches, badges have a lot of possibilities in terms of materials and shapes, and can display an aesthetic and taste in a condensed manner through their small size.

Badge and pins

Badges and pins work together; without a pin, a badge is just an object that cannot play a decorative role, and without a badge, a pin has no aesthetic significance. Therefore, the manufacture of badges needs to pay attention to design and aesthetics, while the manufacture of pins must also emphasise the quality and reliability of the material and the flexibility of use.We are aware of this, which is why we strictly control the sourcing and production of badges and pins.We set high standards when selecting materials, such as Stainless Steel with thickness between 1mm to 12mm,and Mild Steel, whose thickness is between 1mm to 20mm.
This ensures our efficient production and customer satisfaction.

Exploring Custom Pin Button Badges And Their Creative Possibilities

Custom pin badge

We provide specialised customised badge services, we can reflect your brand identity on the badge, the pattern and text you require, and we can use the craftsmanship and style you need.
Here is one of our customized badge as a sample foy you:
This is a round badge engraved with a two-coloured heart, red on one side and brown on the other, which makes for a very vintage, yet stylish design that is a real eye-catcher.It’s colour name is Nickel With Enamel, gold With Enamel in a specialized way,this was a special request from our client, which we analysed and worked hard to modulate and match with the most suitable gloss level.It is made of zinc alloy,and this material is lightweight and hard-wearing,and it’s size is 24.82*24.82.
This size of badge can be attached to many places, whether it is a hat, cuffs, pockets, lapels, all very suitable. More and more young people like to pay attention to the details of their clothing, and this small badge is one of the representative ones. A basic piece of clothing can become synonymous with personality and style with the addition of a few sensible accessories.
here are many more possibilities for badges, and we are always ready to receive ideas and requests from different customers and guarantee speed and quality of service.

Badge pins

Here is another sample of our badge pin product
This item is completely different from the other one mentioned above, it is much smaller and square in shape, and the main colours have been changed to gold and black. This design no longer gives the sense of liveliness and enthusiasm that the heart motif gives, but instead conveys a calm attitude and a smooth state of mind.
You can clearly see that there is a big difference in not only the colour and size, but also the texture of the colour sealer, which demonstrates that our bespoke service is by no means shoddy or templated.We will carefully study the needs of our clients and make use of our aesthetic attainments and craftsmanship experience to ensure that each customised service achieves the function of personalisation, style and identity.These are very important for the competition in the fashion industry, so choose us and you won’t regret it.

Our commitment for customers:
Fine analysis
Reliable quality
Passionate service
Short turn over period of 7-10days