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Custom Snap Buttons: Adding Personality to Your Clothing Designs

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Buttons play a subtle but important role in clothing design. Beyond just securing garments, they add visual interest, decoration, and personality. Switching from plain plastic buttons to custom metal snap buttons can take your button types clothing designs to the next level.

Metal snap buttons lend a touch of sophistication and class with their subtle shine and crisp closure. Just like premium zipper pulls or embroidered patches, they signal quality construction and attention to detail. When the snaps feature custom designs, logos, or shapes, it gives each garment a unique signature that customers will appreciate.

Let’s look at some of the options for incorporating custom snap logo buttons into your clothing line.

design your own snap buttons

Custom Button Styles

The first step is choosing the style of button that suits your garment. Common options include:

  • -Flat buttons: Simple flat metal disks that lie flush to the fabric. They are versatile all-purpose buttons available in many sizes.
  • -Dome buttons: Feature a dome curve that creates a raised surface. The dome gives them a dimensional touch.
  • -Rivet buttons: Include a hollow rivet back that the other piece slides into. Allow a looser, easier closure.
  • -Enamel buttons: Coated with glossy colored enamel for a smooth finished appearance.
  • -Leather buttons: Covered in a cut leather overlay adds natural texture.
  • -Wood buttons: Made from natural wood slices for an earthy, organic feel.

The style should enhance the overall design aesthetic you want for the garment. Mix and match different shapes and textures for interest.

Adding Custom Details As Design Your Own Snap Buttons

Once you have the base button style, it’s time to customize them to your brand. There are many options to explore:

  • -Logo engraving: Reproduce your logo or icon etched subtly into the button surface. A classy signature touch.
  • -Shape: Choose unique button shapes like stars, squares, or rectangles that reflect your style.
  • -Color: Match the buttons to your brand colors for a cohesive look.
  • -Text engraving: Add a name, date, monogram, or any custom text engraved on the buttons.
  • -Patterns: Select a custom geometric, floral, or abstract pattern engraved over the entire button surface for impact.
  • -Photos: Reproduce favorite photos or artwork etched onto the buttons for personalization.
  • -Enamel coatings: Apply custom colored enamel in your choice of glossy, metallic, or transparent finishes.

It’s amazing how many ways simple buttons can be turned into mini canvases to express your brand. Engraving, etching, and enamel offer inexpensive ways to customize small metal snap buttons.

Sourcing Custom Snap Buttons

Once you have button designs in mind, specialized manufacturers can produce them affordably in small batches. Focus on companies experienced in custom clothing notions like snaps, zippers, and hardware. They understand the needs of fashion designers for small production runs, customization, quick turnaround, and consistent quality.

The order process is straightforward:

  • Select a button style and size – common options are readily available.
  • Provide the desired custom design details – logo, pattern, photo engraving, etc.
  • Choose your metal type and finishing. Brass, nickel, black oxide, and more.
  • Specify the quantity based on your garment production numbers. Orders can be as small as a few dozen.
  • Provide your artwork and specifications to the manufacturer.
  • Approve an initial product sample before full production.

With an experienced clothing notions partner, it’s smooth and fast to get your perfect custom snap buttons produced and delivered.

The Benefits of Custom Buttons

Taking your clothing designs to the next level with engraved, logo, or patterned snap buttons offers many advantages:

  • -Add unique brand identity that customers will recognize.
  • -Signal quality and attention to detail in your workmanship.
  • -Increase perceived value of your garments.
  • -Differentiate your clothing line with small custom touches.
  • -Match button designs to apparel themes and styles.
  • -Provide a personal expression opportunity on every garment.

Even basic shirts and jackets feel special and luxurious when fastened with metal snap buttons embellished with your custom designs. It’s an affordable way to incorporate your brand signature into wearable art.

Stand Out with Custom Snaps

Next time you begin a new clothing project, look beyond plain plastic buttons. Bring your visions to life with custom metal snap buttons etched and engraved with your unique touch. It’s a simple way to add sophistication, quality, and personality that customers will love.