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Custom Zipper Sliders Play Important Role For Your Product

by | Aug 5, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Whether you’re manufacturing hoodies, backpacks, luggage or any other product with a zipper, selecting the right zipper sliders can make a huge impact on your brand and customers’ experience. The zipper slider is the part people interact with the most, so it only makes sense to personalize them and make them distinct. Custom zipper sliders are a great way to add a dash of personality and sophistication to your products while reflecting your brand’s style and values.

The Fascinating World of Zipper Pullers And Custom Style

Garment Metal Zipper Puller Slider Options

There are various types of Garment Metal Zipper Puller Sliders you can customize to suit your needs and aesthetic.When selecting zipper sliders for garments and bags, metal zipper pulls are usually the best option. They are durable and long lasting, and offer a more premium look and feel. Some popular metal zipper puller slider options include:

• Stamped Metal Pulls – These are basic metal zipper pulls that have been stamped with shapes, logos or lettering to match your brand. They are an affordable option for adding a subtle custom touch.
• Etched Metal Pulls- Similar to stamped metal pulls, etched zipper pulls involve etching custom designs and text directly into the metal. This creates a more refined and permanent customized look.
• Embossed Metal Pulls – Embossed zipper pulls involve pressing custom shapes, logos or lettering into the metal through an embossing die. This creates a raised 3D effect that will really make your logo “pop” on zipper slides.
• Swarovski Crystal Zipper Pulls – For a glamorous luxury look, you can opt for crystal encrusted metal zipper pulls. Clear or colored Swarovski crystals are set into the metal pull to create a glittering finish that will make your products truly stand out.

Embossed Letters Design Logo Zipper Puller Slider

Embossed logo zipper pullers are a stylish and sophisticated way to add your custom branded logo onto zipper sliders for your product line. The raised 3D embossed effect creates maximum visual impact that can really enhance brand recognition. Customers will develop a psychological connection between your brand’s logo and quality products when they see and touch your embossed zipper pulls repeatedly.

When designing custom embossed logo zipper pulls, here are a few factors to consider:

• Simple but Recognizable Logo – Your logo design should be simple yet distinctive enough to be easily identified even at a small scale on a zipper puller. Avoid overly intricate and detailed logos that will be difficult to emboss cleanly.
• Size – The size of your embossed logo will depend on the slider size. In general, aim for a decent sized logo that is large enough to be legible and impactful but small enough to fit the space appropriately.
• Legibility – Ensure any lettering in your logo will remain readable and legible even when embossed at a small scale onto the zipper pull. Consider using thicker thicker fonts and avoiding very thin or ornate typestyles.
• Sharp, Clean Impressions – Work with an experienced supplier that can emboss your logo design sharply and cleanly into the metal without any blurring or imperfections that reduce brand impact.

Custom zipper sliders are a simple yet highly effective way to add branded aesthetics to your products and daily carry essentials. Whether you choose stamped, etched or embossed logo metal zipper pulls, incorporating your brand’s signature emblem onto zipper sliders allows customers to literally carry your logo with them wherever they go.