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Enhance Zippers with Custom Metal Zipper Pullers

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Zippers are a ubiquitous and functional closure system used on everything from jackets and backpacks to handbags and luggage. While basic zipper pulls perform their job adequately, upgrading to custom metal zipper pulls can significantly boost the aesthetics, durability and perceived value of your clothing and accessory item.

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What Are Metal Zipper Pullers?

Metal zipper puller is as made from various metals including aluminum, stainless steel, copper and brass. They feature an attachment hole or loop at the end that fits over the zipper tape.

Metal zipper pulls come in many shapes and styles to suit different design purposes:

• Standard: Oval, round or rectangular shapes in a brushed or polished finish. Ideal for everyday basic zippers.
• Logo: Custom laser engraved or etched with your brand name, logo or design. Provides a unique branded zipper closure.
• Geometric: Triangle, diamond or arrow shapes for a more modern, minimalist aesthetic.
• Novelty: Figural animal, fruit or object shapes to create interest. Suited for children’s items.
• Heavy Duty: Larger, bolder shapes made from heavy duty metals like zinc alloy. Withstands wear and tear on workwear and outdoor gear.
• Functional: Pie-slice, T-bar and lever designs for easy grip, especially for those with limited dexterity. Commonly seen on medical clothing.
• Decorative: Unique shapes incorporating beads, stones, spikes and more. For a trendy, fashion-forward look.

How Metal Zipper Puller Improve Zippers

Replacing basic plastic or nylon zipper pulls with metal ones can provide several advantages:

• Durability: Metal zipper pulls are far more resilient against damage and wear over time.
• Longevity: With proper care, metal zipper pulls can outlast multiple replacements of nylon or plastic pulls on the same zipper.
• Premium Look: Metal pulls instantly upgrade the perceived quality of any garment or product due to their sophisticated industrial feel.
• Security: Metal zipper pulls provide little opportunity for the pull to detach from the zipper tape, unlike their plastic counterparts.
• Versatility: The wide range of available metallic materials and pull designs allows virtually unlimited customization options.
• Grip: Metal pulls offer a high degree of traction, especially textured or knurled finishes that are easy to grip, even with gloves.

Attaching Metal Zipper Pulls

Quality metal zipper pulls feature secure attachment methods based on the pull design:

• Crimp Covers: Metal or plastic sleeves that are crimped over the zipper tape to hold the pull in place. The most common attachment type except for logo pulls.
• Rivets: Small metal shafts inserted through holes in the metal pulls and flared at both ends to fasten them securely. Provides the strongest attachment. Often used for heavy-duty pulls and logo pulls.
• Interior Loops: Stamped loops integrated into the underside of the metal pulls that fit over the zipper tape. Requires tight manufacturing tolerances.
• Exterior Loops: Projecting wire loops integrated into the exterior of the pulls that wrap around the zipper tape.

Creative Uses Of Metal Zipper Pulls

Besides simple functionality, metal zipper pulls provide myriad opportunities for customization and creative expression:

• Personalized Gift: Engrave names, dates or meaningful phrases onto metal pulls as a unique personalized gift.
• Brand Promotion: Custom logoed metal puller promote your brand to every person who uses the zippered item.
• Color Coordinating: Matching zipper pulls to the item’s main color creates visual unity and enhances the overall design.
• Interior Labeling: Engrave or stamp information like product codes onto concealed pull undersides for internal organization.
• Jewelry substitute: Attach gemstones, beads and other adornments onto zipper pulls for a wearable decorative accent.
• Handcrafted Touches: Instill a sense of homemade craftsmanship by creating unique metal pulls from scratch to match your aesthetic.
• Selling Point: Feature eye-catching custom metal pulls as a unique selling proposition when promoting your products.