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Fashion can be carried by a little key chain–accessories express too

by | Sep 16, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Key chains have been a commodity of great commercial value and significance since the birth of keys. Different periods of the key chain have their own characteristics, today’s key chain is no longer only the keys together to facilitate the management of the role of the key chain, but also become a kind of fashion symbols.That definitely attaches more value to key chains.We are a wholesale supplier specializing in all kinds of fashion accessories from China,and we are experienced and creative in the design and manufacture of key chains.
Please let me take two categories of key chains from our products as an example of design style and fashion and fashion ideas:plastic key chains and leather key chains.For each type we will give a sample item

Plastic key chains
Plastic key chains are the preferred choice of many young people as they are made of lighter materials and come in a wide range of colors.They are lighter in volume, less serious, more vibrant and perfect for today’s fast-paced city life.Plastic key chains are more malleable in terms of design as they are easy to cut and tailor as well as dye and print.These key chains are very common and popular in groceries and shopping websites all around the world.They are made of materials that do not wear out or break easily and do not require maintenance or protection, they just need to be kept clean to retard oxidization.

One sample of plastic key chains
This is a soft rubber key chain with a white base colour, decorated with letters in bright blue art lettering.It’s rather light for easy carriage,but the material is relatively durable zinc alloy. This design is accessible and enjoyed by most people.
It is a customized design product,so if buyers have any individual ideas or requirements,we can offer customized products too,as long as your order reaches the starting quantity.

Pros of plastic key chains
Lighter weight
Brighter colors
Hardly broken or torn
Easy to find

Cons of plastic key chains
Easy to yellow and aging
Material is not environmentally friendly

Zinc Alloy Metal Key Chains

Leather key chains
Leather key chains tend to be preferred by the elder crowd as they are dark in colour and the accessories tend to be metal, which is textured, not easily outdated and conveys an air of stability and elegance.They don’t have much of a design sense and the difference often lies in the colour of the leather and the shape of the decorative metal, but for the consumer of leather key chains, these two design points are enough to mark their personality and taste.They require more care and attention because of the material, as leather is prone to cracking and metal is prone to oxidizing and turning dark, or rusting.
But trends happen infrequently on leather key chains, so they don’t go out of style and can last for many years with good protection.

One sample of leather key chains
This is one beautiful leather key chain, consisting of two parts connected by a hook, one part of leather decorated with metal in the shape of a rudder, and one part of metal chain in the shape of a shield and a fork.This design gives this key chain an intricate aesthetic, not light and airy like a plastic key chains, but weighty, deep and well-crafted.
Such a multi-chain design not only improves the design of the key chain, but also better allows the owner to notice its location, and relies on making sounds to remind the owner to pay attention not to lose the key.We offer customized logo service also in leather key chains.Please feel free to contact.

Pros of leather key chains
Never out of fashion
Shows more maturity and stability
Heavier and easier to notice
Suitable for almost all ages
More environment-friendly

Cons of leather key chains
Requires maintenance
Relatively non-portable
Makes more noise

We provide best key chains wholesale service for buyers around the world
Our manufacturing experience is sufficient and our design concepts are up-to-date, while we offer a complete customization service.We have a wide range of choices of material.To name a few, leather goods,we offer high-quality genuine leather as well as the more convenient faux leather. Due to the small size of the accessories, we need you to reach a certain order quantity and we will surely guarantee the quality of the goods throughout.