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Leather patch:not just a cover,but also a mark

by | Sep 16, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Leather patches are a common repair material usually used for mending and items such as clothing, bags,hats and shoes. Leather patches are usually made from genuine leather and offer benefits such as durability and water resistance,so it is a practical option for mending.But nowadays,people’s attitude to patch has changed a lot,leather patches can not only function as a cover upon an tear,but also can be decorative items.Many jeans,hats,coats and so on use leather patches as a mark of fashion style.And the market vividly accepts this trend and follows it actively.
We catch this trend in leather patches,too.Here are our representative leather patches.

Leather patches for hat
Hats are one category where there is a lot of demand for embellishments. Although they are already varied in terms of material, shape and colour, but it is just for this reason that only unique decorations can make a hat stand out in a huge category. Leather patches are used a lot to decorate hats, not only because they are fancy and easy to make, but also because producers can simply sew patches onto hats.
As we have already mentioned, hats come in many different designs, so the leather patches that adorn them must also come in different shapes and forms so that they can fit a wide variety of hats.We cut the leather into different shapes, finish it in different colors, polish it to different levels of smoothness and embellish it with different decorations.Sometimes we use the seal carving technique to design leather patches for hats, and sometimes we choose to attach other embellishments to them.
Decorations for hats are sometimes not only to beautify the appearance, but also sometimes to increase the self-weight, so that people can wear the hat to travel without always worrying about the hat being blown away by the wind.So when we produce leather patches for hats, we try to take means to make the leather patches heavier and of better quality, such as using metal to decorate the leather patches.

leather patch

Custom leather patch
The apparel industry is ever-changing, fashion trends are constantly being updated, and every apparel manufacturing company has its own style and therefore completely different needs.Leather patches on garments have a wide application: on sleeves, shoulders, chests, side seams of trousers, pockets, wherever there is a gap, leather patches can come in handy.Leather patches are also often tools to carry brand logos, even if there is no extra design, as long as the logo is printed on it, the leather patch immediately has its commercial value and the ability to price the product.
Therefore, we sincerely recommend you to choose a professional and responsible manufacturer like us, who not only outputs the quantity you need quickly, but also guarantees the quality that satisfies you. We offer fine customized services and strive to meet all your requirements.We are skilled in crafts like carving and Embroidery,dedicated to producing high-quality goods with aesthetic value.Just contact us once for a one-stop shop for brand logo identity.

Blank leather patch
As well as design and innovation, we of course offer the most basic of services. If you need the most basic blank leather patches, we are able to provide them as well.We value every order, whether you need a basic object or a special service, you will receive the same attention and gain the same quality.

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