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Looking For Affordable Blank Leather Patches To Customize For Your Business

by | Jul 29, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Leather patches have been used for customization, alteration, and decoration for centuries. The blank canvas that a plain leather patch provides allows for endless creativity and personalization. Whether you need wholesale blank leather patches for a small clothing alteration project or want to start a business creating custom leather goods, these affordable pieces of leather can take your ideas from concept to reality.

real leather patch

The History of Blank Leather Patches

Leather patches have their roots in function. Long before they became a style choice, patches were used to repair worn or torn clothing, bags, and other leather products. Early patches were simple shapes cut from leftover or scrap leather and sewn over holes and tears. Eventually, patches evolved into an artistic medium and method of personal expression.

Blank leather patch began appearing in the mid-20th century as fashion and counterculture movements like punk and grunge embraced the DIY aesthetic. Patches made from plain leather became backpatches for jean jackets, shoulder patches for military-style coats, and logo patches for band T-shirts. The simplicity of the blank leather canvas allowed creative individuals to design and sew on their own unique embroidered, painted, or printed patches.

Materials And Types

You’ll find blank leather patches made from a variety of animal hides, with real leather patch from cow and goat leather being the most common. Look for high-quality full grain leather for durability and an antique, distressed look.

Patches are available in a wide range of standard shapes and sizes to suit different patching needs. The most popular choices are:

• Square: 3″x3″ to 6″x6″
• Rectangle: 4″x6″ to 8″x12″
• Circle: 3″ to 12″ diameters
• Oval: 3″x5″ to 9″x15″
• Custom size and shape patches are also available from suppliers that offer wholesale blank leather patches.

Embellishment And Customization

Once you have your hands on some quality blank leather patches, the possibilities for customizing and embellishing them are endless. Here are just a few popular patch customization techniques:

• Hand embroidery – Blank patches look great embellished with simple cross stitch or detailed counted thread embroidery designs.
• Painting – Acrylic craft paints, fabric paints, and fabric markers all adhere well to leather and allow you to customize patches with images, patterns, or words.
• Heat transfer vinyl – HTV in fun patterns and colors can be applied to leather patches using an iron to create professional-looking results.
• Printing – Inkjet transfer paper or a silk screening setup allows you to print custom text and graphics directly onto leather patches.
• Embroidery machine – For bigger patches, an embroidery machine can add detailed applique designs efficiently.
• Rhinestones, lace, buttons, and beads – Applying adornments by hand brings a unique handcrafted vibe to blank leather patches.
• Stitching – Decorative topstitching adds texture, structure and visual interest to plain leather patches.

Uses For Blank Leather Patches

From fashion to functional applications, the uses for blank leather patches are countless. Here are just a few ideas to get you starting:

• Jean jacket backpatches
• Guitar straps and accessories
• Bag and purse modifications
• Custom keychains
• Shoulder patches for coats and vests
• Baseball cap patches
• Logo patches for company swag
• Decorating shoes and boots
• Mending and reinforcing holes and weak spots in leather items
• Decorating leather bound journals
• Custom dog collars and leashes
• And so much more!

So whether you need a few blank leather patches for a small project or large wholesale quantities for a business, these versatile pieces of leather can take your ideas to the next level. The possibilities are truly endless once you get creative with a simple blank leather canvas.