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Looking for Unique Buttons to Customize Your Jeans? Try Metal Buttons

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Jeans are a wardrobe staple for many, but sometimes you want to spruce up your denim and make it feel more personal. One easy way to customize your jeans and add personality is by replacing the standard plastic buttons with unique metal buttons. Metal buttons for jeans offer durability and style, allowing you to transform a basic pair of jeans into a statement piece.

In blog post, we’ll explore the world of custom metal buttons for jeans and discuss why they’re a great option for personalizing your denims.

metal button for jeans

The Problem with Standard Plastic Jean Buttons

Most jeans come with generic plastic buttons that feel flimsy and look rather boring. Over time, these plastic buttons can crack, break, or pop off completely. This leaves you with jeans that have missing buttons or buttons that don’t match.

Plastic buttons also lack character. When you wear jeans daily, you want something that reflects your personal tastes. Plastic buttons look monotonous and fail to add any flair or interest to your outfit.

Upgrading to metal buttons for your jeans solves these issues. Metal is extremely durable, so the buttons will last for years of wear without breaking or falling off. Metal buttons also allow you to add unique styling that shows off your personality.

Why Choose Custom Metal Buttons For Your Jeans

Metal custom jeans buttons provide a practical upgrade over plastic because they’re made to endure. Stainless steel, brass, copper, and other metals stand up to repeated wear, washing, and general use. You won’t have to worry about losing a button at an inopportune time.

Beyond practicality, custom metal buttons offer customization that plastic can’t match. Plastic buttons look generic since they’re mass produced. With custom metal buttons, every set is unique.

You can select from different shapes like stars, hearts, flowers, and more. The buttons can be engraved with initials, symbols, or designs. You can even provide your own art to be transformed into custom buttons.

Metal finishes like polished silver, antique brass, aged copper, and engraved nickel allow you to match the buttons to your personal style. Mix and match finishes for an eclectic look or stick to one metal for cohesion. The options are endless.

Custom metal button for jeans allow you to revamp basic jeans and make them feel special. Friends and family will notice your unique buttons and may even ask where you got them.

Where to Find Custom Metal Jean Buttons

Large chain stores don’t offer much selection for unique metal jeans buttons. For custom metal buttons, you’ll need to turn to specialty retailers. Here are some top places to shop for custom metal buttons online:

  • Etsy – This handmade marketplace hosts many sellers offering custom metal jeans buttons. You can find rare vintage buttons or order custom engraved buttons.
  • Buttonsmith – At this button retailer, you can design custom pin back buttons for jeans in any size. Upload your art or choose from hundreds of designs.
  • Personally Yours – Their custom photo buttons work great as jean buttons. Upload photos of loved ones or favorite places and preserve memories on your jeans.
  • Just My Size – This extended size retailer has themed brass jean buttons like cats, flowers and more to customize plus size jeans.
  • Lakeshore Creations – From initial and name buttons to state shapes and animals, they have affordable custom metal options.
  • Jean Button Co – This shop specializes in unique metal jeans buttons featuring art, initials, symbols and engraved designs.

To shop locally, check hobby, craft, and fabric stores. You may find a selection of metal buttons in different shapes and finishes to replace your plastic jean buttons.

How to Replace Jean Buttons with Metal Buttons

Once you’ve got your hands on some stylish custom metal buttons, it’s quick and easy to upgrade your jeans. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Supplies Needed:

  • Custom metal jeans buttons
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Extra heavy duty thread in a color matching your jean fabric
  • Seam ripper


  • Identify where your existing plastic buttons and buttonholes are located. Mark their placement with pins.
  • Use the seam ripper to carefully remove stitches and detach the plastic buttons. Try to leave the buttonholes intact.
  • One at a time, insert the new metal buttons through the buttonholes from the inside of the jeans, using pliers to pull prongs through tightly.
  • On the inside of the jeans, lay the button flat and parallel to the fabric.
  • Crisscross heavy duty thread over the prongs on the underside of the button. Stitch through each hole a few times to secure the button tightly.
  • Tie off thread securely and trim any excess.
  • Repeat steps for the remaining buttons and buttonholes.
  • Check buttons to ensure they are all tightly affixed. Enjoy your new stylish metal jean buttons!

Stand Out With Custom Metal Jean Buttons

Personalized metal buttons are an easy DIY trick to make your favorite jeans feel new and exciting again. Durable metals like brass, silver and copper will withstand heavy wear and look great doing it.

With custom shapes, engraved initials or unique designs, metal jean buttons offer endless ways to reflect your personal tastes. Next time your jeans need a refresh, swap out those boring plastic buttons for custom metal ones full of flair.