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Making Your Jeans Unique With Custom Metal Buttons and Rivets

by | May 29, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Denim jeans are a wardrobe essential and a symbol of casual style. However, most jeans have the same generic buttons and rivets from the factory. Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to customize your denim with unique metal buttons and rivets to give your jeans your own personal flair.

Jeans Buttons And Rivets

The beauty of metal buttons and rivets is that they will last much longer than plastic versions and add classic and timeless style to your denim. You have many options when choosing metal fasteners for your jeans from brass, copper, and even stainless steel materials. Finding custom metal buttons and rivets allows you to add designs that express your personal interests and aesthetic.

Some design options you can choose for your custom metal buttons and rivets include:

  • Geometric shapes like circles, squares and triangles
  • Nature themes like leaves, floral patterns or animal shapes
  • Initials or monograms
  • Simple or intricate text, perfect for your name or inspirational messages

Adding custom metal accessories to your jeans is fairly straightforward and requires no sewing experience. Simply remove the existing plastic buttons and replace them with your new metal designs. Make sure the shank on the back of the button is the right size for your jean button holes.

Custom Metal Buttons

Metal rivets can also be easily swapped out by removing the existing plastic ones. You’ll typically need a special rivet setting tool or arbor press to secure the metal rivets firmly so they stay in place during washing and wear.

Choosing Leading Manufacturer To Get Quality Custom Metal Buttons

Many manufacturers can accept customized services. However, under normal circumstances, although the cost of purchasing personalized and Custom metal buttons through the manufacturer is very low, the purchase volume needs to be large. Most of the manufacturer’s services are for the purchase of commercial activities. If you are an overseas Jeans buttons seller, it is recommended that you contact us for better product inquiry and quotation.