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Metal Hardware Upgrades for Your Clothes

by | May 29, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Add some functional metal details to upgrade your everyday clothing with quality metal zipper pulls, buttons, and other accessories. Metal components can last for years and add an instant dose of style. If you consider to know about Metal Buttons For Clothing, we will tell you below:

Metal Zipper Puller

Lose those flimsy plastic zipper pulls and upgrade to durable metal ones. Metal zipper pulls are heavier which makes them stay in place better on your zippers. They come in a huge variety of styles from simple metal balls to custom engravings. Invest in a set of high-quality metal zipper pulls for your favorite jackets, backpacks, and jeans.

Custom Jean Button

Consider getting a few custom jean buttons made with your initials, monogram, or another design. Custom jean button is an easy way to add a personalized touch. You can get them engraved, two-tone, or even inlaid with precious stones depending on your style. A single unique jean button can be a conversation starter and reflect your own sensibilities.

Metal Buttons For Clothing

Replace worn-out plastic buttons with metal ones to take your clothing to the next level. Metal buttons for clothing are a classic detail and can really transform a plain t-shirt or shirt. They are often finished more attractively than plastic with brushed or polished surfaces. Metal buttons will outlast any plastic ones you have many times over.

Advantages Of Metal Hardware Upgrades For Clothing

  • Metal details can elevate the style of even the most basic clothing items. From shiny brass to matte gold tones, there are many different metal finishes to choose from to complement your personal aesthetic.
  • Metal zipper pulls, buttons, and snap fasteners will simply last longer and withstand more wear and tear compared to plastic or nylon equivalents.
  • Over time, metal hardware will develop its own patina or wear marks that can add visual interest. The more you wear and use the components, the more character they gain.
  • As mentioned, you can often order custom engraved or monogrammed metal buttons and zipper pulls to add a personalized touch.