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Show Your Love With Custom Heart Shaped Pins And Badges

by | Jul 29, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Heart shaped badges and pins are a versatile promotional product that can share love for a brand, event, cause or even a special person. These custom pin badges make meaningful keepsakes and are easy to attach to clothing, bags, hats and more. In this blog, we’ll explore the many options for custom heart pins and how to use them effectively.

custom heart shaped pins

Popular Types Of Custom Heart Pins

The heart shape itself is recognizable around the world as a symbol of love. This makes it a great starting point for custom pins. Some popular versions include:

  • Standard heart shape in all sizes – The classic heart with a dip at the top is probably the most common design. Great for simple messages.
  • Anatomical heart shape – For a more literal heart look, opt for the asymmetrical but anatomically correct heart shape.
  • Heart with ribbons or banners – Add a ribbon or banner across the heart to include text like “I Love My Cat”.
  • Heart cutout or outline – Go for an outline or cutout heart for a different look. Allows displaying objects inside/behind the heart.
  • Heart with arrow – Pair a heart with an arrow pierced through it for dramatic effect.
  • Winged heart – Add angel wings sprouting from the heart for a cherubic vibe.
  • Heart with infinity sign – Infinity symbols overlapping the heart express eternal, undying love.
  • Be My Valentine heart – Choose bright reds and playful fonts perfect for Valentine’s Day pin designs.
  • Sacred heart – Add religious imagery like flames or thorns to create a sacred heart design.
  • Rainbow heart – Use an LGBT rainbow theme in heart shapes to show pride.
  • Cute/kawaii heart – Go for soft pastels and simplified features for a cute anime-style heart.

The shape is totally customizable, so get creative with heart pin shapes and details!

Customizing Pins With Messages, Colors, And Photos

In addition to selecting the heart shape, custom pins can incorporate colors, text, and photo elements:

  • Monogram initials – Individualize pins with initials in fancy script fonts.
  • Name badges – Add first or last names in bold sans serif fonts for name badge pins.
  • Uplifting messages – Choose feel-good words like Love, Hope, Courage, Believe.
  • Event names – Add event branding like “2022 Women’s Conference”.
  • Organization name – Promote brands and organizations with their name/logo.
  • Photo pins – Make photo heart pins with a cutout shape showing the image below.
  • Flag colors – Show pride in identities with colored stripes and symbols inside hearts.
  • Awareness ribbons – Use colored ribbons with messaging about causes.

Endless customization options make heart pins highly personalized keepsakes.

How To Use Custom Heart Pins

So how can businesses, organizations, and individuals effectively use custom heart pins?

  • Retailers can create heart pins incorporating their brand to generate buyer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Nonprofits can design donor appreciation pins to give to supporters of their cause.
  • Schools and youth programs can reward achievement with graduation pins and participant pins featuring hearts.
  • Companies can hand out employee recognition pins with heart motifs.
  • Heart pins make great gifts for loved ones like romantic partners, close friends, and family members.
  • Event hosts can provide guests with commemorative pins as keepsakes or to identify ticket holders.
  • Activists use heart pins during marches and protests to spread messages of hope.
  • Candidates can wear heart-shaped flag pins when campaigning to show love for country.
  • Doctors offices give heart pins to pediatric patients to lift their spirits.

The versatility of custom heart shaped pins makes them useful for generating goodwill in countless situations.

Tips For Ordering Custom Pins

When you’re ready to order heart shaped promotional pins, keep these tips in mind:

  • Pick a reliable pin maker experienced in custom enamel pin production. Get samples before finalizing a large order.
  • Make sure to get the pin backing right – choose from butterfly clutch, magnet, rubber backing, etc.
  • Request free design help if needed turning an image or logo into an effective pin layout.
  • Ask about different enamel fill options like soft enamel for color gradients and texture.
  • Inquire about savings for bulk orders such as 100, 500 or 1000 pins.
  • Proof designs carefully before approving them for production. Provide any final copy edits.
  • Double check production time estimates to ensure pins will be delivered on schedule.

With some planning, heart shaped custom pins can be turned around quickly. They guarantee to spread love and appreciation wherever they go.