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The Many Uses of Four Part Snap Buttons and Metal Snap Fasteners

by | Jun 6, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Snap buttons are a versatile and useful closure for many garment and product designs. Four part snap buttons and metal snap buttons offer durability, adjustability and a clean finished look. These types of snap fasteners can be used in a variety of ways to improve the design and function of your products.

Understand Four Part Snap Buttons

Four part snap buttons consist of two female and two male snap parts. They are commonly used for closures that need to be adjustable or removable. The two female parts have a socket that the male stud parts insert into. This allows the fastener to be taken apart and reattached easily.

Some Common Uses Of Four Part Snap Buttons:

• Adjustable waistbands and hems – four part snaps make hems and waists customizable for different wearers.
• Removable cuffs and collars – the detachable snaps allow sleeves and collars to be removed for different styling options.
• Securing straps and flaps – four part snaps can be used to attach straps, flaps or ties that need to be removable.
• Replacing zippers – four part snap buttons provide an alternative closure that has a clean, minimal design.

Introduce Metal Snap Buttons

Metal snap buttons offer durability and a tailored, high-end aesthetic. Unlike plastic snaps, metal snaps will not warp or degrade over time. They maintain their shape and function through extensive use and washing.

Applications For Metal Snap Buttons:

• Professional and business clothing – metal snaps give suits, dresses shirts and coats a polished, sophisticated look.
• Outerwear – the sturdy construction of metal snap fasteners makes them ideal for coats, jackets and rain gear closures.
• Handbags and luggage – metal snap buttons can be used as decorative accents and functional closures on bags and cases.
• Home decor – metal snaps attach curtains, cushions, and upholstery in a strong yet discreet manner.