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The Perfect Way to Represent Your Brand: Custom Real Leather Patches with Your Logo

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Are you looking for a high-end way to showcase your brand logo? Custom leather patches embroidered or printed with your brand logo are a timeless, premium option. They allow you to put your brand front and center, while adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Here are the main reasons why custom real leather patches with your logo are a great branding option:

Premium Material

Real leather patches are made from high-quality leather that adds an upscale feel to your brand logo. Whether it’s top-grain or full-grain cowhide, the material alone conveys craftsmanship and quality.

Durability Feature

Leather patches are built to last. They resist wear, fading, dirt and moisture, making them an extremely durable way to carry and display your brand logo.

Versatile Applications

You can attach real leather logo patches to clothing, luggage, equipment, vehicle upholstery and more. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

Refined Aesthetics

The finish, color and texture of real leather lends your brand logo a distinguished, sophisticated look that can help elevate your brand’s public image.

Easy Customization

Leather logo patches can be customized in virtually any shape, size and design based on your brand’s specific needs. Add text, embroidery or specialized finishes to make your patch truly unique.

Things To Consider When Designing Your Custom Real Leather Patch:

• Patch shape: Choose from standard shapes (square, oval, round) or a custom shape specific to your logo or business.
• Patch thickness: Thinner patches are more subtle, while thicker patches (1/8 inch or more) make a bolder statement.
• Patch material: Options including full-grain cowhide, split cowhide and top-grain leather for different finishes, feels and price points.
• Patch color: Select from a range of classic and vibrant leather colors.
• Logo application: Options including branding the surface, embossing, thermal transfer and embroidery.
• Patch coating: Consider a clear lacquer or urethane coating to prevent the logo from fading over time.

A Custom brand logo real leather patch can be a stylish, prestigious way to represent your company to clients and customers. The combination of high quality leather and your custom-designed logo creates a unique branded accessory that others will admire and associate with your brand.