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The Power of Custom Jean Button Logos for Your Brand

by | Jun 9, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Jean buttons are a subtle yet powerful branding opportunity for businesses, nonprofits and organizations. Custom jean button logos can reinforce brand recognition, build consumer trust and spark meaningful conversations. Denim clothing is extremely popular and worn by people of all backgrounds, making jean buttons an inclusive form of mobile advertising.

How Custom Jean Button Logos Work

Jean button custom logo feature your brand’s name, logo, design or message on the face of a button. These buttons can replace or compliment existing buttons on jean jackets, denim shirts and pants. Manufacturers that produce custom jean buttons allow you to upload your logo design and choose from options like:

• Button size, shape and style
• Material (metal, plastic or wood)
• Color
• Quantity
• Attaching style (sewn or press-stud)

Benefits of Custom Jean Button Logos

1. Reinforce Brand Recognition

Jean buttons covered in the logo of your brand become mobile billboards wherever the wearer goes. This constant showing of your logo helps imprint your brand in the mind of customers and prospects over time.

2. Low Cost Marketing

Compared to traditional advertising mediums, custom jean buttons are an inexpensive form of marketing. The cost per impression (the number of times your logo is seen) is very low yet visibility can be high among select demographics that wear denim clothing.

3. Start Conversations

People often notice and ask about the logos on others’ jean buttons, starting a conversation about your brand. These organic conversations build awareness, intrigue and trust through word-of-mouth marketing.

4. Accessible Giveaways

Custom jean buttons make for excellent swag or promotional items at events. They are lightweight, pocket-sized and useful for people already wearing denim outfits.

5. Lasting Brand Impressions

Unlike brochures and fliers that are soon discarded, jean buttons bearing your logo stay attached to clothing for a long time, creating many repeated impressions of your brand over weeks, months or even years.