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The Rise Of Custom Metal Snap Buttons For Clothing And Accessories

by | Jul 9, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

Metal snap buttons are becoming increasingly popular as an option for adding style, durability and customization to clothing and accessories. Here are some key reasons for the rise of customized metal snap buttons.

Engraved Custom Logo Metal Snap Button

Durability Of Metal Snap Buttons

Metal snap buttons are made from strong and long-lasting materials like zinc alloys, stainless steel and brass. This makes them highly durable and able to withstand frequent use, wear and tear better than plastic snap buttons. The metal construction also means they have a much longer lifespan, retaining their shape and function over many years of use. This durability helps justify the higher initial cost of metal snap buttons.

Aesthetics – Engraved Logo Metal Snap Button

The industrial aesthetic of metal snap buttons gives garments and products an instant upgraded and premium feel. Solid metal snap buttons come in finishes like brushed, satin and highly polished to match the style of your design. Two-tone snap buttons with differently colored metal parts are also available to create visually appealing contrasts.

Customization – Custom Design Logo Metal Snap Button

Metal snap buttons offer the ability to customize designs down to the smallest detail. Options like logos, text, graphics and patterns can be incorporated into the button’s design through various methods:

Engraved Custom Logo Metal Snap Button: Laser engraving is used to burn designs on the surface of the button, imprinting a permanent customized look.
Custom Design Logo Metal Snap Button: Stamping presses and hot-stamping foils can be used to put custom logos and textures onto buttons during the manufacturing process.
Good Quality Matt Black Metal Snap Button: Two-shot molding allows customizing the visible center portion while keeping the snap mechanism stock.
• Two-tone Metal Buttons: Different colored zinc alloys or metal mixtures create unique two-tone effects that can be customized by color.
• Enameled Metal Buttons: Enamel coatings applied over metal substrates provide a blank canvas to apply full-color graphics and designs onto the button’s surface.

This level of customization allows businesses to develop branded clothing lines, craftspeople to design unique signature pieces and individuals to infuse their personal aesthetic into everyday items.

Functionality Of Popular Snap Buttons

Beyond aesthetics, metal snap buttons retain all the key functionality benefits that made snap buttons popular in the first place:

• Easy Closure: The spring-loaded snap fastening provides an easy, secure and adaptable closure for garments adjusting to different sizes.
• Versatility: Snap buttons are suitable for a wide range of applications from denim and workwear to handbags, luggage, upholstery and more.
• Interchangeability: Metal snap buttons with standard sizing can be swapped in and out to update the look of garments – a cost-effective option for businesses.
• Long-lasting Performance: The metal snap mechanism continues working smoothly for years with minimum maintenance.