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Which Key Chain Material is Best – Rubber, Plastic or Metal?

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Industry News, News | 0 comments

You’ve likely seen countless key chains at convenience stores, gift shops and check out lines – but which material makes the best key chain? There are pros and cons to rubber, plastic and metal key chain materials.

Narrative What Keychain Is

A keychain for clothing and jeans is a small decorative item attached to a keyring or chain that can be easily attached to a garment or pair of jeans. It is typically made of metal, plastic or leather material and is used to hold keys or other small items such as a wallet, ID card, or USB drive. Keychains for clothing and jeans come in various designs, colors, and shapes, and can be customized to fit personal style or brand identity. They are often used as a fashion accessory or promotional item to increase brand awareness. So let us understand every keychain with different materials following the content below:

Rubber Key Chains

Rubber key chains are soft, flexible and comfortable to hold. They are also bouncy, durable and resistant to cracking over time. However, rubber key chains tend to fade and discolor quicker, especially in direct sunlight. Rubber key rings can also become slimy from oil and dirt build up on your hands.

Plastic Key Chains

Plastic key chains come in a variety of bright colors and often feature printed graphics or designs. They are light weight and fairly inexpensive. However, plastic key chains are less durable and more prone to breaking. The sharp edges of plastic key rings can also wear quickly and become uncomfortable to hold.

Metal Key Chains

Metal key chains tend to be the most durable option, especially materials like Promotional Zinc Alloy Metal Key Chains. They resist fading, cracking and breakage better than plastic or rubber. Metal key rings also maintain their shape and don’t become slimy like rubber versions. However, metal key chains can be heavier and colder to the touch.

In general, for key chains meant to last longer periods of time, a metal option is likely the best choice. Stainless steel key rings and chains are highly durable and rust-resistant. For key chains that are given as gifts, either rubber or plastic key chains work well depending on the intended recipient’s preferences for weight, color and comfort.