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China metal buttons for jeans

Some common materials used for manufacturing China metal buttons for jeans include:

Zinc alloy

This is the most commonly used material for metal buttons. Zinc alloys, often called pot metal, are formulated with metals like aluminum, copper and magnesium to improve properties. They are corrosion resistant, easy to cast and form, and offer good value for budget options.


Brass buttons, made from an alloy of copper and zinc, offer slightly higher durability and corrosion resistance compared to zinc alloys. They have a bright golden color and are often used for mid-range priced jeans buttons.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel 316 or 304 grade are the types typically used for metal buttons. They have superior durability, strength and corrosion resistance, especially in sweat and humid conditions. However, stainless steel buttons are more expensive.


Aluminum alloy metal buttons are lightweight, durable and non-corrosive. They also resist tarnishing and are easy to produce. However, aluminum buttons are softer and more prone to denting and scratching.

Nickel silver

This is a copper-zinc-nickel alloy that offers higher strength, hardness and resistance to corrosion even compared to brass. Nickel silver buttons have a silver-white color and are used for high-end denim wear.

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