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Sewing Button

Established in 2014, Quanzhou Howfun IMP & EXP Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, production, and sales of metal accessories. Jinjiang City in Fujian Province boasts convenient transportation access. Our metal accessories come from a Chinese supplier and are both environmentally friendly and made of stainless steel. You can have your own logo customized on them. Our range of products includes metal key chains, rubber key chains, Sewing buttons, metal tags, jean buttons.

What Is Sewing Button?

In general, a sewing button is a small, round disc that is employed to fasten two pieces of fabric either closed or overlapped. Buttons, like zippers, fall under the category of fasteners that serve both functional and decorative purposes. The combination of buttons with garments requires careful consideration based on the style and garment requirements given the wide variety of button choices available. Prior to this, it is necessary for us to possess a thorough comprehension of the various kinds of buttons.

Line Number For Buttons HOWFUN Supplied

The fundamental approach is to classify the button based on its size. The correct size for the matched garments must be determined before selecting any button piece.

Materials Of Sewing Button

The materials listed are wood, bone, pearl, sea shell, resin, metal, leather, plastic, glass, fabric, corozo, and horn.

Sewing Button Based On Shape

Actually, there are many shapes of buttons as popular. According to common shapes and special design, HOWFUN concentrate on six primary kinds of buttons categorized based on their shape for the customers.

  • Flat buttons
  • Stud buttons
  • Toggle Buttons
  • Decorative Buttons
  • Shank buttons
  • Snap Buttons

Popular Sewing Buttongs HOWFUN Manufactures As Below

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