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About HOWFUN As Leather Patch Supplier

HOWFUN, as leading Patch supplier, offer many items. They are such as metal craft, key chains, metal labels, metal tags, metal buttons, pin badges, and zipper pullers. Commonly employed for clothing, luggage, and furnishings, among other things. In addition to offering OEM and ODM services.

Custom Machine Embroidery Patches

Machine embroidered patches are in high demand by embroiderers and embroidery businesses. We’re enthusiastic about imparting our expertise to aid you in producing Custom Brand Logo Real Leather Patch with gentle designs that are aesthetically pleasing.

A formula has been devised to assist you in getting the embroidery of patches done correctly from the beginning, considering the various techniques available. By utilizing our formula and appropriate supplies, one can consistently create a faultless embroidery patch.

Supplies for Custom Embroidery Patches Customized According To Specification

The stabilizer you use is crucial for achieving a professional look and feel when applying patches. This product stabilizes fabrics and prevents puckering and other stitching flaws as advertised.

Materials for Embroidery Patches

Our preferred fabric for custom patches is Real Leather, although there are numerous other fabric options available, which are too many to mention. The product’s name may be cumbersome, but the product is exceptional. This material was designed specifically for patches. We were able to achieve commercial Wholesale blank leather patch quality results.

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