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Leather Patch

HOWFUN – A Trusted Leather Patch & Key Chains China Supplier

For the most manufacturers and producers to profit, the product’s cost needs to be low enough to justify the expenditure and guarantee earnings. This implies manufacturing the product inexpensively, often at the cost of quality. Few companies can leverage this promotional method. However, HOWFUN well done it and provides quality products.

QuanZhou HOWFUN IMP & EXP Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and specializes in designing, producing, and selling metal accessories. In meantime, we provide metal crafts, key chains, metal labels, metal tags, metal buttons, pin badges, zipper pulls, leather patches for hats, etc. Actually these popular products widely used for garments, bags, furniture, and more. Especially for ovresea customers, we also offer OEM and ODM services.

Simple Concept Of Leather Patch

Leather patches, which are strips of leather, help cover holes in clothing and other textile products. Leather patches commonly feature on durable work attire, like on shirt elbows or pant knees. To apply a leather patch, one stitches it onto the fabric using a needle and thread.

Materials Used To Create Leather Patches

As well-known leather patch supplier, we can create leather patches from various materials like cowhide, pigskin, and deerskin. The leather type impacts the patch’s cost. You can dye leather patches any color to match the garment or material.

Leather patches typically offer more durability than fabric patches. They suit frequently worn items or those facing significant wear. However, leather patches can be more complicated to sew, so consider this when deciding between leather and fabric patches.

Looking For Quality Leather Patch? Choosing From HOWFUN

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