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Snap Button

HOWFUN’s specialization lies in manufacturing press buttons for clothing. Our work is aimed at both high-end brands and companies that prioritize button quality, regardless of their level of industrialization. Our buttons and accessories are produced with the idea that they make clothing pieces unique, as a custom accessory crafted with care and attention.


The metal snap buttons, which are also known as press buttons, are frequently utilized in the fashion industry instead of traditional buttons as a type of fastener.

A snaps that look like buttons fastener comprises two interlocking metal elements that fit to hold pieces of fabric together. in clothing items). The male stud features a groove that secures the circular lip of the female socket, keeping the fabric in place until a specific amount of force is exerted.

Our press button proposal comprises four options:

  • The Alpha press button which is a commonly used ‘S’ spring snap in jeans and leather
  • The Kappa metal snap button which is a ring spring snap
  • The MU metal snap fastener which is a prong snap
  • Lastly, the Eyelet press stud closure which has a hole in the snap cap for the post head to be visible through the fabric.

What Sets A Snap Button Apart From A Regular Button?

Custom snap buttons can be differentiated from standards based on two specific characteristics.

Snaps are used as a lacing mode and they can be easily snapped together with slight pressure. Holes are required by traditional buttons.

The stems of the press studs pass through the fabric and are secured by a special machine during the process of restructuring. On the surface, the classic button appears flat and contains 4 holes for sewing onto fabric and ensuring stability.

Typically, plastic, wood, resin, and natural or valuable substances like mother of pearl are used for crafting regular buttons, whereas metal is employed in producing snaps.

HOWFUN Always Supplies Quality Snap Button For Oversea Customers

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