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Jeans Button

What Exactly Does The Term “Jeans Button” Mean?

Typically, a Jeans Button is employed as a means of fastening denim pants or denim jackets. Jeans button serves as a closure on Dungarees among children’s clothing.

A metal buttons for jeans is composed of two parts known as the Jeans Button and the Jeans Button tack. HOWFUN produces different kinds of buttons for jeans.

How To Produce Jeans Button By Factory?

Jeans buttons are the small fasteners used to close the front of denim jeans. Referring to Jeans buttons producation by HOWFUN, typically we need to follow these main steps below.

1. Select the button design and material.

Normally, the most common materials for jeans as below:

  • Metal alloy (nickel silver or copper)
  • Plastic materials
  • Fabrics
  • Wood

Additionally, the design options include:

  • Shades flat buttons
  • Domed buttons
  • Shank buttons (with a loop)
  • Snap fasteners

2. Obtain button blanks. Metal alloy and plastic blanks are injection molded to form the basic button shape. Fabric buttons are cut and shaped from denim or leather materials.

3. Attach shanks or loops (for shank buttons). Metal shanks or loops are stamped and attached to the button blanks using rivets, heat staking or ultrasonic welding.

4. Hole punch metal buttons (if needed). Solid metal buttons require holes to be punched around the edge to allow thread to pass through. Hole punching is done using specialized metal hole punches.

5. Color and finish the buttons (optional). Metal buttons can be colored or finished with plating, gloss, matte or antique looks. Plastic and fabric buttons can be dyed in various shades.

There Are Two Types Of Snap Caps For Jean Button From HOWFUN

SNAP CAP is the component most likely to be used as a decorative feature of clothing. They are available in a variety of sizes, typically 13mm/15mm or 18mm in diameter, and come in a variety of designs and metal finishes. The snap cap is one of four components that make up the four-piece snap assembly. – Snap buttons are covered in detail in the next section.


The socket (female part) contains a parallel spring mechanism that interacts with the stud (male part), giving it the nickname “socket”. The shape of these springs bears a striking resemblance to the letter S.


The socket (which is the female part) is referred to as such because it contains a solitary spring shaped like a split ring. This component is designed to fit inside the socket’s diameter in order to connect with the stud, which is the male part.

Various Of Jeans Buttons HOWFUN May Provide

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