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Zipper Puller

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HOWFUN, as leading IMP & EXP Trading Co., Ltd., specializes in the design, production, and sales of china metal zipper puller.

What Does “Zipper Puller” Mean?

The device known as the Zipper Puller the purpose of simplifying the management of zippers. The hook’s small size enables individuals who cannot grasp the zipper end to hold the handle with ease and zip without difficulty. There is a decrease in fine motor ability, strength, and sensation in the hands.

Zipper Puller’s Raw Materials

  • Metal zipper puller can be composed of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, zinc or a nickel-silver alloy for their hardware.
  • At times, a steel zipper may undergo a coating of brass or zinc, or alternatively, it could be painted to correspond with the color of the cloth tape or garment.
  • Polyester or nylon are the materials used for making zippers with plastic hardware, whereas steel or zinc are typically utilized for the slider and pull tab.
  • The cloth tapes are made from either cotton, polyester, or a combination of both.

The Essential Components Of A zipper Include:

  • The stringer refers to the assembly of tape and teeth, which constitutes one side of a zipper.
  • The zipper opens and closes via the slider.
  • A slider that is moved by pulling on a tab.
  • Prevents the slider from disengaging from the chain.

A box and a pin combine to function as stops in place of a bottom stop that links the stringers, thus creating a separating zipper. The number of components remains the same.


The slider connects or disconnects the components as the zipper is opened or closed. Depending on their intended use, there are different varieties of sliders that can be found.


The teeth, which are referred to as elements, are located on either side of a zipper and interlock or connect with each other through the slider mechanism. Chain is the term used to refer to the engagement of both left and right side teeth.


The tape is made only for zippers. Polyester is the typical material, but synthetic fiber, vinyl and cotton tapes may also be found depending on the intended purpose.

Standard Slider Functions

  • Non-Lock slider (DF)
    the pull-tab does not lock at any position on the body. No locking mechanism.
  • Automatic slider (DA)
    the lock automatically locks when no force is placed on the tab-pull.
  • Semi-automatic slider (DS)
    when the pull-tab is lowered, it locks. When the pull-tab is raised, it unlocks.
  • Jeans slider (GS)
    jeans Semi-automatic slider.
  • Reversible slider (DUA)
    the pull moves along a rotating rail. The zipper opens and closes from either the front or back automatically.
  • Pin lock slider (DP)
    pins on the pull-tab work on the elements and lock.
  • Plastic slider (TA)
    locks are made of metal. (Automatic)
  • Double pull
    opens and closes from either front or back. (Non-Lock, Automatic)
  • Key lock slider
    can be locked with a key.

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