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Pin Badge

Quanzhou HOWFUN IMP & EXP Trading Co., Ltd. is a supplier of metal accessories based in China. Our product range includes metal key chains, rubber key chains, metal labels, metal tags, metal buttons, badges and pins, zipper pullers, and other related items.

Supplies for Creating Personalized Pin Badges

To complement pendant and necklace orders, we provide silver and gold plated chains. You can browse our assortment of base metal chains, metal fixings, and attachments used on all our items by accessing the provided links.

  • Stainless Steel with thickness between 1mm to 12mm is recommended.
  • For Mild Steel, the thickness should be between 1mm to 20mm.
  • Aluminium can be used within the range of 1mm to 12mm, while Brass between 1mm to 6mm is suggested for die stamping.
  • When it comes to Bronze, the suggested thickness is between 1mm to 6mm.
  • For laser cutting, Titanium Alloys are recommended, with a thickness range of 1mm to 5mm.
  • Copper, which is a softer metal, should be used within the range of 1mm to 6mm. And also is recommended for die stamping badges with intricate details, as it hardens when stamped.
  • Recommended for die casting, pewter should be between 1mm to 12mm in size.
  • Zinc between 1mm and 12mm is suggested only for products that are large and thick, to make the badges pin lightweight and comfortable to wear.

If there is a metal type that you need which is not listed, please reach out to us through the link.

HOWFUN Pin Badges With Metal Coating:

  • The range of micro plating is between 1 to 10 microns
  • Gold in yellow or Rose color variant
  • Silver, whether shiny or satin
  • Rhodium options: White or grey
  • Ruthenium in jet black color
  • There is an option for two-tone plating
  • Electro plating with color is an option

HOWFUN Metal Finishing Options Below:

We offer various ways to hand finish all the custom pin badges we make.

  • Polished to a high degree
  • Satin finish with magnetic brightness
  • Matt finish that is brushed or smooth
  • Frosty texture
  • Setting of Semi-precious stones
  • Enamel coating available in either hard or soft colors
  • Finishes with texture can be requested

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