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Metal Label

A Leading Metal Label Supplier, HOWFUN

Quanzhou HOWFUN IMP & EXP Trading Co., Ltd. primary markets consist of Europe, the USA, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and other nations. HOWFUN maintains a strict belief in the importance of controlling every process to achieve superior quality and unwaveringly adheres to this principle.

The ISO9001 Quality Management System certification has been obtained by HOWFUN factory. Our custom metal logo labels for handbags are accepted in various global markets and meet all international quality standards.

Introduction Of Metal Labels Tags

Custom metal logo tag for bag are well known as a long-lasting and durable solution for marking important equipment and assets.

Especially in highly regulated industries such as aerospace and defense, metal tags are the first choice to meet all the stringent item marking norms and requirements. With proper planning, selecting a metal tag or tags can be a simple process.

How To Produce the Metal Label And Buttons

Process of Stamping

The process of stamping utilizes the plastic deformation and elastic properties of certain metals such as copper, iron, and aluminum. During the entire manufacturing process, the press machine will utilize pressing and punching to shape metal materials in a manner that will not alter their state.

Process of die-casting

Various parts are formed after cooling when metal craft labels solution is injected into metal mould cavity under high pressure. Die-casting process typically involves the usage of non-ferrous metals having a low melting point, such as zinc alloy and lead-tin alloy, unlike the stamping process which uses a different method.

Combined Process

The combined process is as used for products that encompass both aforementioned processes or for products that are made of metal material and other materials. The complexity of the manufacturing process and the volume of products will greatly influence the production cycle of custom metal clothing labels.

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