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Metal Button

Introduce About HOWFUN, A Metal Buttons Supplier

Our company supplies metal accessories from China that are both stainless and environmentally friendly. We offer customization options for your own logo, as well as a range of Metal button including jeans button,snap buttons,Sewing Button.

Definition Of Metal Buttons

Metal buttons have been a staple in fashion and design for centuries. From the functional buttons on clothing to decorative buttons on accessories, metal buttons have played an important role in our daily lives.

As small as types of pant buttons, they are aware of the intricacies involved in the production process. The production process of metal buttons can be categorized into three types: stamping process, die-casting process, and combined process.

Metal Buttons’ Materials

Custom metal buttons for clothing are popular for their surface finish, durability, and decorative function. Grouping of metal buttons can be based on the manufacturing materials into:

  • Button as zinc alloy
  • Buttons made of aluminum
  • Buttons by stainless steel
  • Iron buttons from HOWFUN

Speaking generally, metal buttons fabricated through stamping are regarded as metal goods, whereas those produced through die-casting are typically referred to as alloy goods.

  • Types of metal buttons include snap fasteners, prong snap buttons, jeans buttons, rivets, eyelets, hooks, and other kinds.
  • Button alloys can be used for items such as buckles, brooches, and so on.

Hot Sales For Metal Buttons From HOWFUN

As Leading metal button supplier in China, HOWFUN wholesale the buttons in various of types. Now we will show you the main products below. You may click the link to read detail of products.

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