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China metal tags with logo for clothing

Here are some common quality issues seen with China metal tags with logo for clothing :

Poor print/logo quality

The print or logo on the tags may be blurry, smudged, faded or have uneven ink coverage. This is often due to using low-quality printing methods or inks that don’t resist wear and washing.

Imperfections in metal stamping

The metal tags may have burrs, scratches, uneven edges or holes that are not perfectly aligned from the stamping and cutting process. Inspection and quality control is lacking.

Inconsistent sizing

The sizes of the tags may vary slightly from the specifications, especially for smaller order quantities. This indicates a lack of precision in the manufacturing equipment.

Low durability

The metal tags may corrode, rust or discolor easily, especially if made from lower-grade metals like pot metal alloys. This affects the longevity and lifespan of the tags.

Loose or missing rivets/hardware

Tags with rivets or hardware may have loose, improperly installed or even missing rivets that cause the tags to fall off garments easily. This is a sign of improper assembly.

Incorrect info/details

There may be errors in the metal tag text, product codes, care instructions, company name or other details specified in the order. This reveals lack of thorough quality checks.

To avoid these issues, be sure to work with reputable China metal tag manufacturers that have been in business for several years and can provide examples of their work. Provide them with very clear and detailed specifications and request samples before full production to verify quality.

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