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China snap buttons for clothing

Here are the main pros and cons of using China snap buttons for clothing:


Low cost

China is a large producer and exporter of snap buttons, so they offer very competitive pricing. This can help keep production costs down for clothing lines.

Wide availability

There are many China manufacturers that produce different types, sizes and designs of snap buttons. This ensures good options to meet your needs.

Fast delivery

Shipping from China to global destinations is efficient, so snap buttons can generally be delivered within 2-4 weeks. This supports quick turnaround times for clothing brands.


Once you find a reputable supplier, the quality and consistency of the snap buttons they produce tends to be reliable from order to order.


Quality issues

Some China suppliers may use lower grade materials or have inadequate quality controls, resulting in defective snap buttons. Issues like malformed parts, poor rivet strength and corrosion are common. You have to vet suppliers carefully.

Communication challenges

Due to language and cultural differences, clear communication about specifications, quality requirements and order details can sometimes be difficult with China suppliers. Misunderstandings are possible.

Intellectual property risks

Some unscrupulous China manufacturers may steal designs and produce counterfeit versions of your branded snap buttons for their own profit. You must have tight non-disclosure agreements in place.

Supply disruptions

Issues like COVID outbreaks, factory shutdowns, port congestion and shipping delays can impact the reliability of China snap button suppliers and disrupt your production timelines. You must plan for contingencies.

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